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Business Insight®

“Any business can spot problems
and opportunities by submitting
their business situation to the
disciplined appraisal provided by
Business Insight.”

Philip Kotler,
Northwestern University
       Intelligent software has been used to:
  • diagnose diseases
  • anticipate the unknowns of space exploration
  • predict weather patterns
  • plan battle strategies
  • analyze any competitive market
Intelligent software can be taught
and can apply that knowledge
to solve real problems.
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1. Analyze Your Strategy
2. Structure Your Planning
3. Think Outside-the-Box
4. Identify Risks
5. Strategy based on Fact




Expert Knowledge
Business Insight is intelligent software with a knowledge base that includes the primary curriculum in strategic planning published in the last 20 years. The software has been taught the principles of marketing strategy based upon the published works of 100+ experts. Business Insight applies that expert system technology to analyze any competitive market.

Smarts and Experience
The knowledge base continues to grow as it is used by over half of the Fortune 500 companies in America.

Dialog with an Expert
Your dialog with Business Insight is equivalent to an in-depth engagement with a consulting MBA trained in strategic planning. You describe your business and the experts apply their specialized knowledge to the unique circumstances of your market. Every recommendation from the expert can be justified by tracing the supporting rationale.
Business Plan

President, US Lotteries

“The interview questions alone are worth the purchase price. We saved $2M by correcting our strategy before we invested.”

Business Planning

Charts Show Market Position
Business Insight Charts


Same task, different costs
You can hire an MBA to analyze your business, or you can use Business Insight to do the same things:

  • ask every question relevant to the success of your venture
  • question your assumptions and validate or challenge your thinking
  • point out inconsistencies in your strategy
  • be exhaustive; warning of factors that could blind-side you
  • identify competitive strengths and strategies to leverage them
  • identify competitive weaknesses and ways to compensate
  • discover competitive opportunities in your market
  • anticipate competitive threats
Business Plan

Mark McNeilly, Steve Gessner, System Strategy Department, IBM

“We are responsible for market analysis and strategy recommendations in the System Strategy Department at IBM in Rochester, MN. This software really gave us many insights we hadn't thought of. After all, the program is called
Business Insight.”

Business Planning

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